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Driving Mexico’s Most Dangerous Road 🇲🇽

Sinaloa; the word alone conjures images of cartels and violence. A place that anyone with an ounce of sanity would avoid, especially a bunch of tourists who would stand out like a sore thumb. Well fortunately me and my friends don’t have much sense so we decided to head deep into cartel country disguised as Mexicans. Join me in part one of a drunken adventure to the home of El Chapo…Culiacan, Sinaloa.

Please check out Harald Baldr’s and Simon Wilson’s YouTube channels for their films from Mexico.

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Hi, I first watched your videos of Chernobyl (i have been myself) and exploring the villages over the border etc and thought they were wonderful and then randomly today on facebook I stumbled across a video of a man and a woman smuggling a kitten from Cuba and then realised it was you!! I am a big fan of your videos and most importantly would like to know how Fidel is doing?

They wanted it to be the trip of the three musketeers. It ended up being the trip of the three stooges 😅😂🛴

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