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KhTZ: Ukraine’s Most Dangerous Hood ??

?? I hadn’t been in Kharkiv very long before I started hearing about the dodgy gopnik filled suburb called KhTZ ( Kharkiv Tractor Plant ). None of the people I spoke to had actually been but they all told me stories of a region known for its fights and muggings. Well I decided to go check it out with my good mate Johnny. Join us both on a gopnik adventure in Ukraine’s dodgiest hood.

3 replies on “KhTZ: Ukraine’s Most Dangerous Hood ??”

I come from Germany and spend about 6 months in Kiev (in the warm months)
I’m already retiring but also run several online businesses
I came across a video through your friend the Chinese or Japanese
Keep it up
I had a lot of fun,
You have a good sense of humor
I have an invitation to a vodka in my apartment on the Maidan
+ sexy ladies

Do we know how this area has fared over a year into the Russian invasion? I really wonder how those kids are? And if any of them are still living in Kharkiv?

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