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I Got Drunk With Lithuania’s Most Notorious Gangster ??

?? As the USSR entered its final stages, law and order began to break down and there began a period which has since been called the period of ‘Bandit Capitalism’. This was a period when gangs protected by tough sambo fighters and boxers from the different republics began to form and to exploit the new riches that were to be found in the burgeoning capitalist era. One of those gangs was known as the Vilnius Gang which had a fierce reputation in Lithuania and further afield.

I have always been fascinated by that short period of history and how those gangs operated and so when I was invited into a former member of the Vilnius Gang’s home, well I of course accepted. Fortunately my bodyguard @Johnny FD was with me. This would possibly be the night he would earn his usual $7 fee.

Thanks to everyone at Azerai cafe in Vilnius who allowed us to film the evening ( best food in Vilnius and Soviet vibes ) and huge thanks to Tadeus and Anastasia for their hospitality and the Soviet presents. Was a pleasure meeting you all.

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